About Us

Tomer, a government-owned defense company Ltd., is positioned at the forefront of rocket propulsion technology development and manufacturing.

Providing a national knowledge center for the State of Israel, Tomer develops and manufactures rocket systems used in air, land, and naval weapon systems used by Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MOD), Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and foreign armed forces. Among these weapon systems are rocket motors of the Arrow missiles, Shavit satellite launchers, ELRAD air defense systems, and artillery rockets.

Operating as a commercial business, the Tomer Company provides an essential and vital element in Israel’s defense capability.

Air & Missile Defense Systems – Arrow 2/3

Tomer develops and manufactures the rocket engines and boosters powering the Arrow Weapon System’s missile interceptors, a central component in Israel’s multi-layered defense system.
The Ministry of Defense leads the arrow system development…

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Tomer in space

Tomer develops and manufactures the rocket engines for the Shavit satellite launcher, deploying Israel’s OFEQ reconnaissance satellite in Orbit.
OFEQ satellites provide an essential intelligence-gathering capability…

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Rocket Engines for Advanced Artillery Systems

Tomer develops and manufactures rocket engines for precision artillery systems for a variety of ranges. These weapons are operational with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and foreign, advanced armed forces worldwide.

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Cooperation & Partnership

As a government-owned defense company – Tomer provides the rocket propulsion knowledge center for the State of Israel and ranks among the country’s leading defense companies: IAI, Elbit Systems, and Rafael.

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Composite Materials & Ballistic Protection

Tomer has a hi-tech infrastructure in composite materials and unique expertise in composite materials. Our know-how is based on many years of experience in the design, development, and production of composite materials…

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Tomer Accelerates You Forward

Join us to work in a groundbreaking and challenging technological environment, to become a significant partner in the State of Israel’s defense and resilience.

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