Composite Materials & Ballistic Protection

Tomer has a technological infrastructure and extensive know-how in composite materials, with a unique specialization acquired through years of design, development, and production of parts and structures made of composite materials.

Tomer specializes in the production of composite armor and ballistic shields for a wide range of applications:

  • Vehicle Protection
  • Personnel Protection (bulletproof vests, protected structures)
  • Pipes, containers, propellant tanks, and other shaped structures, designed to meet customer requirements

Tomer has a technological infrastructure and profound know-how in the field of composite materials, including:

  1. Knowledge center in the field of advanced composite materials – ballistic protected materials of various types, thermostatic and thermoplastic matrices, some of which are developed and manufactured by Tomer.
  2. Advanced manufacturing infrastructure, including filament winding systems, autoclaves, large furnaces, and high-pressure forming.
  3. Expert engineers with extensive know-how to perform innovative and efficient design based on advanced analyzes and innovative manufacturing technologies to provide reliable products.
  4. Advanced laboratories qualified to perform physical, chemical, mechanical tests and thermal analysis at high temperatures.


Tomer provides composite-made products for rocket propulsion, aviation, vehicle armoring, and personnel protection.

Tomer is ready to provide complete solutions meeting customer’s requirements for any application that requires composite materials, including ballistic protection.