Tomer in space

Our Rocket Motors Launch the OFEQ satellite into Orbit

Tomer develops and manufactures the rocket engines for the Shavit satellite launcher, used by Israel’s defense organization to launch the OFEQ satellites on its space mission. OFEQ reconnaissance satellites are launched into space from an Israel Air Force Base in the center of Israel.

The ‘Etgar’ Directorate at the Ministry of Defense-DR&DD leads the satellite and its launcher’s development and production through IAI, the project’s main contractor, and other Israeli defense industries.

Tomer has established a top-notch technology team, including scientists, engineers, technicians, and other professionals, engaged in developing and manufacturing the rockets for the first and second stages of the launcher. The advanced rocket engines used in the Shavit launcher are manufactured with innovative technologies and advanced materials. These engines have demonstrated impressive reliability in numerous missions and test flights and have met mission parameters with complete success.

The first satellite in the OFEQ series was launched in 1988. Since then, the State of Israel has launched a number of satellites, the most recent – OFEQ 16, was launched on July 6 2020. IAI Systems, Missiles and Space Group is the main contractor for OFEQ satellites. Elbit Systems’ Elop plant developed the OFEQ satellite cameras.