About Tomer

Tomer, a government-owned defense company Ltd., is positioned at the forefront of rocket propulsion technology development and manufacturing.
Providing a national knowledge center for the State of Israel, Tomer develops and manufactures rocket systems used in air, land, and naval weapon systems used by Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MOD), Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and foreign armed forces. Among these weapon systems are rocket motors of the Arrow missiles, Shavit satellite launchers, Long Range Air Defence (LRAD) systems, and artillery rockets.
Operating as a commercial business, the Tomer Company provides an essential and vital element in Israel’s defense capability.
The company was established in 2015, in parallel with the processes of privatizing IMI Systems. Tomer, a government company Ltd., has been operating as a business company in the challenging and competitive defense market since 2018. The company’s workforce includes about 550 employees. Many are specialized in advanced and innovative technology. Many of our employees have Ph.D. degrees, scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists, and a variety of other professionals.

Tomer – Core Areas

Air Defense:

Rocket engines for Arrow 2, Arrow 3 interceptors, and ‘Silver Sparrow’ target systems. Development and production of rocket engines for multi-layered air and missile defense systems such as LRAD missile systems .


Development and production of satellite launchers for the Ofek satellite family.

Land & Naval Systems:

Development and production of rocket engines for artillery rockets for ranges from 30 to 300 km.