Accelerating You Forward – Your Confidence, Your Future

Join us to work in a groundbreaking and challenging technological environment, to become a significant partner in the State of Israel’s defense and resilience.

Human capital is our key asset, and Tomer’s management strives to develop and cultivate a sense of pride and belonging.

Thanks to the employees and their professional abilities, the company constitutes a center of excellence and knowledge center in rocket propulsion of the State of Israel. Focused on this field empowers and grows employee’s excellence in a stable business environment.

Fostering the company’s human capital by investing in creating an infrastructure for development, the company strives to create employee training, structured promotion paths, and compensation within an organizational culture that encourages commitment, equality, responsibility, and cooperation.

Tomer is a learning organization; seeking improvement, learning, and success, its people continue streamlining the company as a friendly home and enriching workplace.

The Engineering and Technologies department at Tomer is a professional, modern system that leads the development and engineering support for the company’s product lines. Providing customer-oriented response and promoting advanced manufacturing technologies and new production methods, the department relies on extensive knowledge and experience. Tomer maintains an uncompromised quality department and extensive production facilities featuring knowledge centers in the following areas:

  • Propulsion Systems Engineering and Rocket Engine Design
  • Internal ballistics
  • Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD)
  • Strength
  • Heat transfer
  • Production Facilities and Infrastructure

We invite you to join us on a journey to excellence in one of the jobs listed below

Recruitment Department Phone: 08-9277662 / 97